Developing the Ideal Classroom

Posted on: April 4, 2011

Oh to dream… in a world where budgets would not be the deciding factor and student learning would dictate resources, my ideal classroom would look vastly different.

                In my educational utopia, there would be a very small class size, 15 or less. There would be true Educational Program Assistants (not just provided for students who have toileting needs or who are flight risks), who could assist in the learning of students who have a diagnosed learning disorder or those who just need that extra boost to keep on track. There would be an FM system in each classroom and a teacher computer that had an LCD/ Smart board. There would be enough computers available at all times for the whole class to use and learn with.  Students would have the use of cameras and video equipment, headsets with microphones. The software on computers would be cross curricular with an emphasis on the sciences, health and social studies as these subjects often seem to receive less funding, resources and PD time. Teachers would have access to PD opportunities throughout the year and on software of choice.  ‘Experts’ or those more comfortable with a certain software or technology would be available to come into classrooms and help students/teachers in learning how to use the program. Technology would be valued as important skills and knowledge. Technology would be validated as imperative to education by being assessed and added to the report card process.


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