The Elderly and Computers

Posted on: April 4, 2011

The Elderly and Technology


                While the elderly in the past have been overlooked as technology users, it has become apparent that many seniors want and perhaps need to use technology to thrive into their older years.  My parents, once complete technophobes, (like the kind that didn’t know how to use ATM’s up until a few short years ago!), now Skype with us often to see their grandchild. My 86 year old grandfather took a ‘Computers for the Terrified’ course at the local community college and now loves to print off emailed pictures and to send email that updates us of his outings!


Systems like the one described above could allow elderly persons to live independently longer and still let their families and medical staff know how they are doing without feeling like they are being constantly monitored.  


Loneliness and boredom can be a frustrating part of growing older. Some ideas for helping elderly members of one’s family to stay connected via technology are highlighted at the above website.  

As banks proceed to provide fewer face to face services it’s important for seniors to be ‘in the know’ about banking fees and online banking. Most banks have a special information section for seniors. As some seniors may be new to online banking, they may not fully understand fraud attempts and other banking security issues. Sites like the ones below may be helpful for online protection and shedding light on important issues that come with using technology for banking purposes.




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