Cyber Image

Posted on: April 5, 2011

          The current trend in cyber image creation seems to follow the old adage of less is more. Many websites seem to be opting for a more clean and simplified, and perhaps more user friendly version of a webpage as opposed to webpages of the past that had every counter, sound effect, and every option attached to it.  User friendly has become what is expected with easy to use and find back buttons that return you efficiently to a menu if you navigate to the wrong web destination.

          I’m not sure what technology is most engaging for developing cyber imaging but I have had most of my personal experience with Front Page and a dabbling in Dreamweaver.  Nowadays there seems to be many websites that you can simply plug your information into and your ‘customized’ site is prepared for you.

          In order to insure limited deterioration of ones cyber image contast updating is required. Our school ‘s web page is actually managed by our office assistant and she does a great job adding the new newsletter, quick messages to parents and any changes in the schools schedule. Most teachers have class webpages but these seem to be updated at varying levels of recent activity. For some teachers at my school they are using their class web pages to not only assign homework and post student samples, some are using this as a tool to post reminders to parents, using student assigned numbers only of outstanding work items. As far as using students‘images, work and names online, a media release form that needs to be signed by the guardians of the child is necessary. As well teachers could assign a student a number that only the student and his / her family recognize as their own to identify work samples. If photos/ video appear, perhaps the names do not accompany the images. Often it may be useful that when names are used online that only the student’s first name or initials are used.


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