Technology and Culture Matrix

Posted on: April 5, 2011

**Please note: This information was originally submitted as a table. Due to formatting restrictions on this WordPress template, the information while unchanged, has been edited for formatting.


Technology Culture/ Sustaining Learning growth


Technology Culture/ developmental Prerogatives

  • Learning has become more context and student specific (Kukulska Hulme)
  • Enrichment or IPP’s as needed


Technology Culture/ Social responsibility

  • Facebook groups
  • Podcasting
  • Twitter (word gets out fast)


Technology Culture/Perceptions of Individuals


Technology Culture/ Personal Motivation

  • Technology can increase student engagement (Attwood) 
  • Allows students to be better organized – email reminders, school / teacher web page for reference, etc. 


Culture In Technology/ Sustaining Learning growth

  • Allows for inclusion
  • “Every child can learn (HRSB)


Culture In Technology / developmental Prerogatives

  • Want things fast, choose the fastest/easiest way (Attwood)


Culture In Technology / Social responsibility

  • Global village – help others
  • Can see the strife of others more vividly


Culture In Technology /Perceptions of Individuals

  • Focus on expressing oneself makes for customization of apps, programs,  etc.


Culture In Technology / Personal Motivation

  • Hindered personal motivation / perseverance for extended activities because everything online  is instant (Attwood)


Learning In Technology Culture/ Sustaining Learning growth

  • Using media to aid in subject learning not just using a media for the sake of using the technology (Puffenberger)
  • Better prepares students for an unknown future (Kessler)


Learning In Technology Culture / developmental Prerogatives

  • Students felt they best learned when a course was delivered 50% and 50% interactive classes (Roberts)
  • Students can choose the way to best show their knowledge
  • Makes learning ‘real’ Kessler


Learning In Technology Culture / Social responsibil

  • Can see real life examples of socially aware topics (i.e. Skype with kids around the world)
  • Can organize projects from the other side of the world (Kiva, Sopar, etc.)
  • Can more vividly capture the teachable moment


Learning In Technology Culture /Perceptions of Individuals

  • Customized programming for students
  • Greater opportunities for extended reflection and student centered growth (Terrell)


Learning In Technology Culture / Personal Motivation

  • Helped with learning because students excited to bring ‘ their world’ into the classroom


Learning Without Technology/ Sustaining Learning growth

  • Learning more strongly relies on the teacher’s experience (Roberts)


Learning Without Technology / developmental Prerogatives

  • Doesn’t allow diverse learners to do their best
  • Doesn’t allow students to develop and familiarize with skill skills for a modern workplace


Learning Without Technology / Social responsibility

  • Allows for traditional academic expectations and research skills to emphasized (Attwood)


Learning Without Technology /Perceptions of Individuals

  • One size fits all thinking


Learning Without Technology / Personal Motivation

  • Not waste time ‘playing’ with interesting features
  • Focus on content
  • Technology as a  gimmick may be motivation in and of itself  for  some students

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